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Service to Mankind


If you're interested in joining the club, please contact us; we look forward to meeting you!

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A group of Sertoma members

Membership Benefits

  • Fellowship enjoyed with fellow club members
  • Opportunity for personal development
  • Sharing in community growth and development
  • Satisfaction from helping others
  • Opportunities to share talents and leadership skills

Membership Responsibilities

  • Involvement - share time and talents at club activities
  • Attendance - attend meetings and events
  • Growth - bring prospective new members as guests
  • Remit Dues - pay quarterly dues in a timely manner
  • Fund Raisers - participate in fund raising activities
  • Brag About The Club - tell others about our great work
  • Fellowship - initiate and participate in conversations
  • Sharing - contribute your talents and experiences
  • Lead - pursue opportunities as a committee chair, board member, etc.
  • Enjoy The Club - Sertoma will be as fun as you make it!

Sertoma Activities

Why Join?

All men and women from the Greater Grand Forks area that are interested in any or all of the following things:

  • Making new friends
  • Making your community a better place to live and work
  • Making a difference

Making new friends is easy. Come and be our guest at one of our weekly meetings - 12:00 noon every Tuesday at Eagle's Crest Grill located at 5301 South Columbia Road. Board meetings are on the second Thursday of every month at 12:00 noon at Eagle's Crest Grill. Members are welcome.

Making your community a better place happens when Sertomans gather to host numerous special events throughout the year including the Sports Show and the 4th of July Festival.

Making a difference has been happening for over 40 years. Proceeds from special events are given to charities in the Greater Grand Forks area. Over $700,000 has been given out over the years.

Fourth of July

Opportunities to Serve


Recruit and retain new members. Assist with new member orientation.

Public Relations

Provide information to the community about what Sertoma does, awards it presents though avariety of media.


Identify and recruit speakers for weekly club meetings and introduce speakers at club meetings.

4th of July

Provide a fun-filled event for the community of Grand Forks around the 4th of July holiday. Provide a fund raising opportunity through a raffle.

Incentives Committee

Recognize club volunteerism, submit, track and award club member awards as well as District, Regional and International Club Awards.

Sick and Visitation

Send notes/flowers, etc. to club members who are hospitalized, had surgery, loss in family, special event, etc.

Sertoma Park

Serve as a liaison between the GF Park District and the club for future development of Sertoma Park located west of Altru Hospital.


Provide social activities for club members and families throughout the year.

Special Events

Provide ideas and volunteers for special events in the community such as Potato Bowl Parade (Sept.), Sertoma Wrestling Tournament (Dec.), Sertoma Track Meet (April).

Freedom Week

Work with local 5th grade teachers for students to write an essay about “What Freedom Means to Me”, select winners and organize special luncheon in February.

Jay Seeger Service to Mankind

Identify and honor a non-Sertoman for volunteer work in the community. Organizes special luncheon in the spring to honor the recipient.

Speech and Hearing

Provide information to the community about the importance of ear protection. Work with Altru Rehab to select an individual who has made great strides recovering from a speech or hearing loss and honor through a special luncheon.


Identify and seek funding for Sertoma Club projects through granting organizations and foundations.

Our Presidents

1958 Robert May

1959 Stuart McDonald

1960 Dave Vaaler

1961 Homer Abbot

1962 Dave Kessler

1963 Noel Gunderson

1964 Robert A. Matt

1965 William Morris

1966 Jerome J. Mack

1967 John E. Larson

1968 William F. Murray

1969 Jack Hagerty

1970 Jay D. Seeger

1971 William F. Mulllally

1972 Robert L. Howe

1973 James Winter

1974 John Dahlgren

1975 Gallan Pearson

1976 Edward L Adams

1977 Keith Moon

1978 Robert J. Simons

1979 Roger G. Kieffer

1980 Kenneth D. Welter

1981 Terry McKenna

1982 Lynn Vreeland

1983 Arden Shores

1984 Don Fisk

1985 Marland Lee

1986 Jack Carroll

1987 Abe Muscari

1988 Al Rud

1989 Don Kramer

1990 Terry Anderson

1991 Brad Seymour

1992 Terry Longtin

1993 Bob Hankey

1994 Tom Lerud

1995 Tim Sayler

1996 Dick Mead

1997 Jack Widdel

1998 John Rieke

1999 Mark Westacott

2000 Paul Waind

2001 Kelly Hjelle

2002 Andrew Gleich

2003 Kenneth Black

2004 Suzanne Bjornstad

2005 Ted Black

2006 Kathy Benda

2007 Kay Derry

2008 Jill Fritel

2009 Scott Reinhart

2010 Kevin Austin

2011 Nikki Jackman

2012 Eric Scheffer

2013 Joan Schultheis

2014 Staci Lord

2015 Nancy Andrews

2016 Tim Behm

2017 Paul Waind