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Service to Mankind

The Jay Seeger Service to Mankind Award

The Service to Mankind is an award that is given out to someone who has been active over the years as a volunteer in our community. This award is given to a non-Sertoman who exemplifies what it means to be of Service to Mankind. Over the years recipients have included mayors, teachers, clergy and girl scout leaders. The Sertoma Club of Greater Grand Forks on July 16, 2013 declares from this day forward The Sertoma Service to Mankind Award is now “The Jay Seeger Sertoma Service to Mankind Award” in honor of Charter Member Jay Seeger.

Jay Seeger Award

Jay Seeger Service to Mankind Recipients

The Service to Mankind Award is the highest honor Sertoma can bestow on a nonmember. This award honors outstanding volunteer service to the community. Past winners have included educators, elected officials, foster parents and volunteer camp directors. All of these winners are people who have made a significant volunteer contribution to our community.

1962 Dr. E. A. Haunz

1963 Manny Bertsch

1964 Leo Haesle

1965 Lloyd Thompson

1966 Byron Olson

1967 Red Berg

1968 Harold Shaft

1969 Andrew L. Freeman

1970 Red Jarrett

1971 Art Tweet

1972 Ed Lander

1973 Homer Abbot

1974 Prof. Harold Sheets

1975 Len Marti

1976 Ray Bostrom

1977 Arve Larson

1978 Dr. George Starcher

1979 Ema Lou Hariman

1980 Robert C. Hadlich

1981 Dr. Donald Barcome

1982 Cloyd M. Steenerson

1983 Hugo R. Magnuson

1984 Herbert R. Gustafon

1985 Effie Canute

1986 Donald C. Miller

1987 Thomas J. Clifford

1988 John L. Frohlich

1989 Rudolph B Skogerboe

1990 Clinton W. Harstad

1991 Dr. Louis B. Silverman

1992 Martha Gulbranson

1993 F. John Marshall

1994 Jerome Markel

1996 Dr. Alan H. Meldrum

1997 Patricia A. Owens

1998 Ken Towers

1999 Don & Vera Logie

2000 Pam Engel

2001 Lee Barnum

2002 Fr. William Sherman

2003 Lori Potter

2004 Julie A. Ludwig

2005 Patricia O'Donnell

2007 Richard "Dick" Day

2008 Mary Barrett

2009 Curt Sandberg

2010 Corey Cleveland

2011 May Marie Blackmore

2012 Harold & Eunice Vold

2013 Sue Thompson

2014 Kenny Holweger

2015 Gloria Sanford

2016 Esther Lee

2017 Joanne Brundin

2018 F. Gerald "Jerry" Joyce

Clarence Blecha Award Recipients

1986 Edward Gillig

1987 Roger Wyman

1988 Helen Johnson

1989 John Bluemle

1990 Pamela Aronson

1991 Thomas McMenamy

1992 Jamie Nordine

1993 Fred Carlson

1994 Bob Palmer

1995 Steve Kiesow

1996 Larry Kimball

1998 Todd Ehrenstrom

1999 Melissa Engelhart

2000 Denise Twohey

2001 Michael Peterson

2002 Paul Saurdiff Jr.

2003 David Lorenz

2004 Shayla Miller

2005 Leila Olson

2006 Noel King

2007 Dr. James Brosseau

2008 Ryan Erickson

2009 Daniel Stevens

2010 Tom Carivea

2011 Kevin Boyer III

2012 Harold Pederson

2013 Darlene Johnson

2014 Robert Volker

2015 Aimee Olson

2016 John Tyrrell

2017 Corey Pladson

2018 Jamie Mager

The Freedom Week Award 2018

There were a total of 221 essays that were submitted from 16 teachers and 10 schools.  Thank you to all the students who participated and to the teachers for supporting Sertoma and Freedom Week!

2nd place picture:  Lydia's grandpa read her essay as their family is on a mission trip and couldn't attend.

1st Place:     

Taryn Nelson

Discovery Elementary

Teacher: Mrs. Thiery

Principal: Allison Parkinson

2nd Place: 

Lydia Kvernen

Riverside Christian School

Teacher: Mrs. Young

Principal: Cindy Waind

3rd Place: Alexander Keller

Sacred Heart School

Teacher: Miss Reimer

Principal: Jodi Vanderheiden